Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lilypep - Barcelona

On Friday morning we decided to go to the Picasso Museum in the La Ribera area. One small problem, the line was extremely long and we did not purchase tickets ahead of time. That's not like us, usually we plan way in advance for these things but for some reason we did not on this trip. We decided to come back around three to see if the line was any shorter. In the meantime, we walked around the area, checked out the Born Market and toured another museum. As we headed back to the Picasso Museum, we decided to stop and have lunch. We wound around the small alleys and streets and came across this quaint little cafe called Lilipep and decided to check it out.
Their menu was filled with interesting bocadillos or sandwiches and we both decided we would have one. The server told us the sandwiches were large so we each ordered a half. Dan went with Chorizo Paste and Cheese and I chose Chorizo Paste and Onion Marmalade. They were perfect in size and flavor and at 2.20 Euros, not a bad price. Dan had a pot of Hot Green Tea (infusio) for 2.60 and I had an ice cold Coke for 2.00. We ordered a side of chips for 1.50 and were presented with a large bowl full. I had an Espresso for 1.20 to drink after my meal and it was the perfect meal ender.
They offer free Wi-Fi, which in this day and age is ideal for travelers. Good food and service, with a wide array of food options in a tiny, little, cozy café is just the ticket. Plus, after the meal we arrived at the Picasso Museum and had only a short wait. While in line we met a wonderful family from Miami that love to travel together and we had a great time talking with them. Just don't take pictures in the museum, it's forbidden!

The restaurant is located at Carrer Pou de la Cadera 8, 08003 Barcelona, just a short distance from the museum.

I never knew that Picasso painted like this.

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