Thursday, November 21, 2013

Manchester UK Christmas Markets

Christmas is a big deal in the UK. They have been advertising Christmas meals in the restaurants since we’ve been here and selling Christmas items almost as early. Here in Leeds, the German Christmas street market opened the 1st weekend of this month. In Manchester, they waited until last weekend. We just happened to plan our weekend there to coincide with the opening.

They have German, French and local vendor markets set up. They all are within walking distance of one another, sometimes just flowing into each other. They have built wonderful wooden structures selling everything from ornaments to Gluhwein or mulled wine. Of course there are also tasty brats to eat as well as candy, chocolates and cheese and even gluten–free options. One of my favorite things were the still warm from the oven coconut macaroons. There were thousands of people walking through and spending lots of money. Looks like a tradition that should get started in Kansas City.


Here is a link to the cities Christmas  Market website:

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