Thursday, November 7, 2013

Revolution - Leeds Call Lane

We decided to try a different place for dinner last night. I happened upon this place in one of my walks. It's located on a street with about 6 other restaurants that are all within easy walking distance to our apartment, so we will try some of the others as well. We walked in and stood at what looked like a hostess station and after a few minutes a waitress asked us what we were wanting. We told her we came for dinner and she told us to take a seat anywhere. You never know for sure what the protocol is in an English restaurant and we felt a little stupid. The waitress then came to the table and asked what we wanted to drink. Dan asked what beers were on tap and she listed 3 and said that was it. There were at least 8 different taps if not more, but this was looking like a typical English-I'm too busy for you-waitress. She said she would be right back. A few minutes later she returned and Dan told her he would have a Stella. I said I would like a Guinness, even though that was not one of the beers she mentioned.
After she brought the beers, she asked what we would be ordering. Dan decided to chose from the small plates menu. You could order 3 for 13 pounds and he had his eye on few. He asked the waitress for a recommendation and she told him it was a new menu. He went with hummus, chicken satay and sweet potato fries with vodka salsa and sour cream. The sweet potatoes were awesome, some of the best I've ever eaten and the vodka salsa was very good. The hummus was very good too. The chicken satay was a little dry and the peanut sauce was a little funky. I ordered the Rosemary Chicken Salad for 8.95 pounds. It consisted of fresh rosemary chicken with Roquito peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and bean sprouts on a bed of pea shoots, red chard and baby gem lettuce and topped with tzatziki and balsamic pearls. The salad was really good, but the chicken had no flavor at all. I don't know where the rosemary part came from, maybe she cooked the chicken.
The beers were priced well at 3.80 pounds a draw and the  food was also a good price. By the end of the meal our waitress decided to be friendly, she must have been busy earlier or distracted. The waitresses here make minimum wage and you tip 10% if you feel the service is good. If I was a waitress here and had a table with Americans, I would bust my butt to give them good service. We are known to tip well and minimum wage is still minimum wage. I guess I just don't understand the service thing here at all.
They are located at 48 Call Lane Leeds LS1 6DT 0113 243 2778

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