Friday, November 1, 2013

San Carlo - Leeds


 On Friday the 18th of October we set out to dine at the Adelphi across the street. The place was so crowded that the people were spilling out the front door. We checked up stairs, but this was not going to happen. We decided to walk up to San Carlo, about 15 minutes from the apartment. Here we were in luck, they did have a table. We were seated and this wonderful little bowl of olives was waiting for us. Fortunately for me, Dan cannot stand olives, so I was able to eat them all. They seemed to be marinated in a garlic, herb, olive oil, red chili mixture. Simple, but delicious. I had already eaten 2 of them before I took the picture. The menu here is quite extensive, pretty much what you would see in Italy. The staff all seemed to be Italian also.

 We decided to share a bottle of Chianti (26 pounds .50). It was a good choice and perfect with our meal. We started out with these amazing BBQ Spare ribs (7 pounds .80) that were so rich and meaty and quite good. The gravy that served with these was unbelievably good. We used utensils to eat ours, but did notice others eating them with their hands. That was why they provided a bowl of water when they served them.
We both had ordered the Insalata San Carlo ( 4 pounds .75). We did not know what to expect, but we were served these beautiful and large salads of pomodorino tomatoes and fresh mozzarella balls served over shredded lettuce with an incredible basil dressing. The bread around the bowls was paper thin and crispy. This was delicious and we really could have stopped eating at this point.
Pastas were up next. I ordered a wonderful Zitoni Toscanini (11 pounds .75), long tubular pasta topped with a rich tomato and sausage sauce that was so very good. Dan ordered the Gnocchi Sorrentino (10 pounds .95) His was okay, just a little eon the plain side. Of course we couldn't eat all of the pasta and asked for take away boxes. The staff seemed a little put off by this and felt that we did not like the food . We simply wanted room for dessert, but the request was met with some resistance. We did get our boxes and then we left them after all of that trouble!
For dessert we ordered profiteroles (5 pounds .10) and they were very good. A great way to end a meal! The food here was a little pricey, but it seems that everything here is a little pricey. Next time we would order less food and make sure that we ate it all!
Tel: +44 (0)113 246 1500

6-7 South Parade, Leeds LS1 5QX   

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