Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ciao Bella - Leeds

Even in a new city, with lots of new choices, the age old question "what do you want for dinner?" is followed up by "I don't know, what do you want?".  After looking on the Internet and checking reviews against the distance to walk, we decided on Ciao Bella, an Italian place a short walking distance from our apartment. Not a bad choice! We arrived at 7:15 and we're surprised to find out that we were still in time for the early bird special, which ends at 7:30! Awesome! It seems to be the norm in the local Italian restaurants. So, for 11 pounds 95, you get a large choice from a three course menu ,or you can choose 1 or 2 items for less. We went for the 3 course and they were full courses, no skimping here.

The owner came to the table to take orders, it seems that he did this for everyone. When I asked what the soup special was, he had to repeat himself twice and we neither one ever understood what he said. Needless to say, I did not order the soup. Dan ordered the Caprese salad, that had lots of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes in a basil dressing. The tomatoes weren't the best ,since they are out of season, but still good. I had the bruschetta, one was a tomato topping the other roasted peppers and both were very good. We both ordered pizzas, Dan mushroom and ham, me salami. Both were good, thin and crispy covered in a light sauce and cheese topping.

Both of us had pint glasses of Peroni, which were served in pint sized Peroni glasses and ice cold! Needless to say, the walk home was a little unstable. When Dan asked the owner what the dessert special was he answered "foodge cake". Again he said this twice, Dan ordered it anyway and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful fudge cake that came to the table. I ordered the Italian ice creams, which consisted of a scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry covered in a strawberry sauce. Overall it was a good experience. The waitresses that actually serviced the tables were a little nonexistent and had to be called over for everything. We will go back though. They are located at 20 Dock Street Leeds LS10 1JF 0113-246-9444

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