Thursday, October 31, 2013

Drakes Fish & Chips - York

York is a picturesque town surrounded by Roman walls. The city center is pedestrianized and loaded with wonderful shops and cafes. The city also boasts Northern Europe's largest church, York Minster. Dan and I took the 45 minute train ride from Leeds a few Saturdays ago and we loved it. There you can see the beautiful ruins of St. Mary's Abbey that was founded in 1055 and then destroyed in 1539 by orders of Henry VIII. York Minster sits atop Roman foundations that were built in AD 71. Lots of history here.

This is also where we experienced our first British fish and chips. As we walked the lovely little streets, we realized we were very hungry and all the restaurants were very busy. We noticed people walking around eating out of green boxes and came upon Drakes. There was a line out the door for take away and the upstairs dining room was full. We stood in line at the take away counter and were pleased with the results. The staff was friendly and quick and we had our food in no time. Large pieces of crispy fried haddock sat atop fresh cut chips. We took our boxes over to the Minster and sat down on benches to eat. Of course I had a few bones in my last bites. Any one who knows me , know that I have an aversion to fish because of my fear of bones. And it seems that every time I order fish I get the bones. Oh well, the fish was good anyway, I just remember to chew slowly.
97 Low Petergate York Y017

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  1. I was laughing when I got to the part about the bones...Why is that always your luck with fish? Perhaps only first class fish is allowed! az