Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Hot Potato - Leeds

The Hot Potato is not really a food truck, it's a food trailer. Inside is a large cast iron oven loaded with foil wrapped potatoes just waiting to be topped with all sorts of food. It's situated along one of the pedestrian walkways in Leeds city center shopping area. Every time I walk by, there are usually long lines, especially at lunch time. I finally decided to stop by the other day and see what all the fuss was about. There were people sitting on benches close by eating what I could only imagine were the potatoes. They were buried under so much food that it was hard to tell.

I stood in line and watched and listened as people ordered. The guy right in front of me ordered a jacket with butter, beans and cheese. Beans!!! The British love their baked beans. The lady in the truck ladled this huge spoonful (at least a cup) of beans onto the buttered potato then dumped at least a cup of cheddar on that. The lid was closed and handed to the customer. My turn... Here were some of the choices; butter, beans, cheese, tuna, chili, coleslaw plus others. And you could order more than one topping. I ordered a jacket with butter and cheese for 3 pounds. She topped my potato with at least a cup and a half of some really awesome British white cheddar. I handed her my money and headed home to devour my meal. I could eat only half, so the rest  would be eaten the next day. That was a very cheap and yummy meal!

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