Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nando's Chicken Restaurant - Leeds

Nando's is somewhat of a fast food hybrid. We walked by this place numerous time during our first few days here and they always seemed busy. We stopped in on our first Saturday and put our name on the list. We had to wait about 15 minutes for our table. The guy who sat us and gave us our menus asked if it was our first time in. When we said yes, he explained the menu and told us we just go up to the window to order and they bring the food when it is ready. The chicken is marinated in a peri-peri sauce and then it's flame grilled. You choose the heat of the sauce that you want. He then brought us 3 wings with the medium sauce, on the house, to give us a reference point as to how hot we would like it.
I ordered the chicken breast pitta with one side (spicy rice)7pounds30p and Dan ordered the skin on boneless breast with chips and a salad, 10 pounds 25p. We loved it! The food was fresh, the service was great and the chicken was perfectly cooked. We enjoyed it so much that we went back the following night and had dinner.
This time around we ordered a full platter for two people. You choose 4 sides, we went with rice, salad, coleslaw and peas. The meal is 19 pounds 85p. We enjoyed it all, especially the peas with mint! They serve soft drinks, beer and wine. Dan and I each ordered beers, me a Sagres and Dan a Brahma.
This location is on Briggate, they have another one just up the street in Trinity Leeds. We will be back again and again... www.nandos.co.uk

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