Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Restaurant Bar & Grill - Leeds

Last night for dinner, Dan's manager Lee and the HR rep Laura,  met us at the apartment and we walked up to The Restaurant Bar & Grill. It's a beautiful large space located in an old post office. There is a large glass wine case at the entrance  that is pretty spectacular. The menu is largely  made up of steaks that are prepared in a large wood fired clay oven that is open to the restaurant. And contrary to what we have heard, the food was wonderful!
I ordered the sirloin which came with fries and a side of greens. The steak was very good, the fries were crispy with creamy centers and the greens were a nice mix of kale, broccoli and savoy cabbage. Dan had a really tasty flattened chicken breast, with a crispy skin that was cooked with lemon, rosemary and capers. We all indulged in dessert! Dan and I shared a miniature apple pie that was served atop a warm custard sauce with extra on the side.
The prices were pretty comparable to home and the service was just okay. I would definitely return to this place. I did take a picture, but must have deleted from my phone. The address is The Old Post Office 3 City Square Leeds.

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