Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Tell Titus...Bar & Restaurant - Saltaire

Saltaire is a village along the River Aire. It was founded by Titus Salt as a planned community built around his mill. He wanted a community for his employees that was unpolluted and less crowded than larger mill towns. He built the workers homes, shops, and church and each home had water, gas lighting, outdoor space and several rooms. Because of his town planning, surely a model for the rest of the world, and the fact that Saltaire is one of the best preserved nineteenth century model villages, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. The village was started in 1851 and building continued until 1853.

Titus did not allow drinking establishments in Saltaire, hence the name of the restaurant Don't Tell Titus... We took the 10 minute train ride from Leeds to Saltaire on our first Sunday here and had brunch. It's a nice large pub and pretty indicative of what you would think an English pub would look like. They were fairly busy, but we were able to snag a table by the window facing the bar.

I could not decide what to order and finally settled on the Titus Club (6pounds25p). I also ordered chips (3pounds 25p) and when the waitress brought my meal, it had a side of Doritos. I was very sad until another waitress showed up with a proper bowl of crispy, creamy potato wedges with a wonderful garlic mayo on the side. Thank goodness for the chips because the sandwich was not great. The description called for chicken breast, bacon, mixed leaves, guacamole and mayo on toasted bread. Their idea of bacon here, I realized, is not the same as home. Here it's more of an uncured ham that has a kind of funky flavor. Once I removed it the sandwich was okay. Dan ordered better. He got the eggs Benedict (4pounds 95p)with ham. It was a large portion and very good. He also ordered a side of hash browns and was not charged for those. He drank water and I had a half pint of Thatchers cider (1pound 60p).
 I would definitely come back here. There were many other thing on the menu that I wanted to try and it is only a train ride away.

6 Victoria Road Saltaire BD18 3LA 01274-595633

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