Sunday, October 6, 2013

Surviving On An English Diet

My partner Dan and I are moving to Leeds England for 3 months and all we have heard is how horrible the food is. Seriously, not one person has said anything good about it. Well, they do say the Indian food is good, but I've never eaten Indian food and don't know if I'm up to it. We'll have an apartment with a fully stocked kitchen , so at least I'll be able to prepare most of our meals. As long as it's not haggis, blood sausage, fish pie, river eel or any of those funky things, I think we will survive.
We have heard that the beef is gross and the spices that we are used to are non-existent. No word on the chicken or the pork, but I kind of think that the pork will be okay. Wasn't Babe British? I know that the farmer was or at least he is in real life. I never saw the movie , but people loved it, so the pork should be fine. My sister said that the lamb was excellent, but Dan is not a big fan. We may end up vegetarians or become more acquainted with fish.
Whatever happens, we will make the best of it. We are fortunate to be living within walking distance of a large indoor market called Kirkgate Market ( Hopefully we will also shed some unwanted pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. We plan on travelling to some European cities that we have not experienced and I plan to highlight them all.
Join us on this adventure, it should prove to be exciting, fun, challenging and educational.


  1. Indian food is the best! Chana masala, aloo mutter, aloo palri chat, try them!!

    1. That's papri chat and this is Gina!

  2. Babe was Australian.
    What about lamb? They eat lamb in Ireland. Stands to reason they eat more of in England than we do in the States?