Friday, December 20, 2013

Chaophraya - Leeds

We ate at Chaophraya back on the 14th of November and I am just now writing it up. I really don't like to waste my time on bad meals or places that I would never return, but here goes. We were seated at a little table in the back of the beautiful restaurant, right at the servers station. We were promptly greeted by a server who took our beer and starter orders. We ordered Singha, a beer from Thailand and very good (3.75pounds). Our starter was the Chicken spring rolls (6.95) which were also very good. They also set a bowl of shrimp? chips on the table with some of their very good sweet chilli sauce. The chips were okay, just not something Dan and I really cared for.

Another server took our dinner orders, Dan chose the  Lamb Massaman Curry (10.95), which she told him he could order with any meat and he went with chicken and he ordered a side of Steamed organic rice (3.55). I love Spicy Beef and basil fried rice and knew this was what I wanted. It was denoted as a Chef's Signature Dish and Staff's Favorite Dish, how could I be wrong?! The dish was terrible. The rice was so over cooked and mushy that it was inedible, Dan's rice was also over cooked. Since no one came to the table during the meal, I picked out the beef and ate it, leaving the rest. When a server finally showed up, Dan told her that the rice was inedible, she apologized and said she would talk to a manager and the chef. A few minutes later she showed up with the ticket, all items accounted for and no show from the manager. Needless to say we paid the bill (75 American dollars!!) and left.
Dan wrote a letter to corporate about the experience and they apologized and asked us to come back and give them a second chance. We just figured that we could wait until we got home and eat at LuLu's Noodle Shop for some good Thai.

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