Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Piccolino - Liverpool

This past weekend, Dan and I went to Liverpool. We made reservations at Piccolino for dinner, they are part of the Individual Restaurant Group. One of our favorite Leeds' restaurants is The Restaurant which is also in that group. The space was nice, open and very well appointed, if not a little noisy. The music was very loud, which in turn leads to louder conversation from the diners. The service was very slow and we sat the table for over 10 minutes before a male server came to us and told us someone would get our drink order shortly.
Finally a woman showed up and took our orders. Dan had a large glass of Shiraz for 6.75 pounds and I had a large Montepulciano for 7.25, both were good. Dan started with the Caprese Salad (7.50) and I had the Barbabietola Salad (7.95).  Both salads were very good and the horseradish dressing on mine was perfect with the beets on the salad.
Long pause before main dishes arrive.

For dinner Dan had the Lasagna al Forno (10.50) and was a little disappointed with it. It was swimming in béchamel and did not have much substance, he much prefers the lasagna at Jamie's Italian. I ordered the Pollo ai Fungi (15.95), a wonderful plate of roasted, sliced chicken and mushrooms with delicate and fluffy gnocchi in a garlic cream sauce. I also ordered a side of the Broccoletti (3.95) a plate of tender young broccoli with red chillis and garlic butter, which we both enjoyed.
For dessert I ordered the Torta di Limone (6.25), a lemon polenta cake with carmelized oranges and vanilla mascarpone. It was very tasty and the mascarpone was wonderful. Dan ordered a dish of ice cream (5.50), which comes with three scoops that are house made. Dan asked if he could have three different flavors and they said yes. He had the vanilla, Vin Santo and roast almond. The ice creams were good, but were pretty much a soup by the time they arrived at the table, so you could not distinguish which ice cream was which. I also ordered a glass of Moscato (4.95) that was very nice.
Overall the food was good, the service when it appeared was good, but painfully slow.
They are located at 14a Cook St Liverpool L2 9QU  0151-236-2555.

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