Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kaashuis Tromp - Amsterdam

On Saturday, Dan and I ventured out to walk around the city of Amsterdam. We wanted to check out some of the local markets and shops away from the tourist areas. Dan really wanted to check out a cheese shop, the ones close to the hotel were over priced and clearly tourist traps. We were walking around the Jordaan, there were art galleries that were open, similar to First Fridays at home and we wanted to check them out. We came to a street with a park in the center and came across the most marvelous cheese shop, Kaashuis Tromp. Our eyes were filled with beautiful cheeses and breads and our noses were filled with the wonderful aromas of really good cheese. There were plenty of samples to try and we did! We also noticed people ordering sandwiches at a counter in back, so we headed that way.
There was a list of sandwiches with the prices but it was all in Dutch. Dan asked if they had an English menu and they turned the sign around for us. The young lady making the sandwiches suggested the White and Red (3.50 euros). It came on a white or wheat mini baguette with brie and the most amazing sun dried tomatoes and she added arugula for us. The sandwich was so good! We ordered a slice of caramel cheese cake to go along with it and headed over to the park to eat. This place is worth a visit if you make it to Amsterdam.
They are located at Utrechtsestraat 90 107 VS Amsterdam.

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