Friday, December 13, 2013

West Cornwall Pasty Company

The above picture is a pasty. The pasty is a turnover, similar to a calzone and is said to have become popular by Cornwall miners. Since I've been in Leeds, I've walked past the Cornwall Pasty Company numerous times, but never stopped in. The other day, a nice young man was handing out samples and coupons, so I tried one. It was pretty good, filled with beef, cheese and onion. The coupon was for 1 pound off, so I went and tried them the next day. I ordered a Turkey with Cranberry and it was pretty good. The crust was very flaky and the turkey was moist. I wish there had been more cranberries, the onions seemed to be overpowering them. Overall, not a bad fast food choice.
They are located at 23 Albion Place Leeds LS1 6JS.

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