Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ralph's Cafe Bar - Leeds

Ralph's Cafe Bar is this tiny little place across the street from our flat that has recently opened. They serve breakfast and lunch as well as alcoholic beverages. I stopped in the other day to see what they offered and for such a small place they have an extensive menu. You can order hot and cold sandwiches, ciabattas, panninnis and toasties. All of the fillings can also be made into wraps or salads. They also have beef, kangaroo and camel burgers! On my trip I ordered a bacon, brie and onion chutney toastie for 2.90 pounds. The sandwich was very good and I look forward to trying some of the other things they serve. Maybe I'll get the courage to try a camel burger!
 They are located at the bridge end 9 Hunslet Rd Leeds LS10 1JQ. You can also call them for catering at 0113 245 5592. Their web address is .

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