Thursday, December 5, 2013

Small Talk Eating House - Amsterdam


 We had timed tickets to the van Gogh Museum on Friday and Jeff wanted to find the place before we ate lunch. It rained on us the entire time and it was a very long walk. We could have eaten at many places along the way, but Jeff insisted we find the museum first. When we arrived at the museum, we asked if we could go in and eat at their restaurant. They said no, we could only enter on our ticket time. It's hard to believe that a not for profit would refuse paying customers, but things are different in Europe from America.
The only option within site was the Small Talk Eating House. All I'm going to say is the hot chocolate was good, the pizza was horrible, the service was indifferent and the prices are too high. If you should decide to dine there the address is van Baerlestaat 52 1071 Amsterdam. If I were you I would choose something different.

The museum on the other hand is wonderful! 4 floors of van Gogh, including the above middle picture which is a new discovery. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time to avoid the lines and eat before you get there.

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